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Do you do retail and internet sales?

We only sell wholesale and through a seller assigned by country.

What sizes do you carry?

We have availability in sizes depending on the model piece.

How I see a catalog of your products?

You must contact a salesperson assigned to your country.

Do you sell to wholesalers or distributors?

We carry out wholesale sales to direct businesses, wholesalers and distributors.

Which countries do you sell?

All countries, however, due to our position in Colon Free Zone, our market countries are South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

How are shipments made?

We don't make direct shipments, we take care of delivering the merchandise from our warehouse to a freight forwarder, re-packer or transfers to other companies in Colon Free Zone of your choice and with them they coordinate the dispatch to your country.

Can you recommend me a Freight Forwarder or Repacker for shipments?

The client must tell us where to make the delivery, it's the client's responsibility to negotiate and contract the services of the dispatch to their country.

Contact us here for more information.

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